Instrument Rating

Course Code: AVI50415 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating)

Course Duration: 11 weeks Full Time or Part-time (VET Student Loans not available Part-time)

Training Resources: Elite I-Gate Simulator, Cessna 172S and Beechcraft 76 Duchess

CASA Equivalent Qualifications: Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating (MECIR)


To qualify for the Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating), students are required to have undertaken the Diploma of Aviation, Commercial Pilots Licence-Aeroplane. This course is of eleven weeks duration and a minimum of 40 hours instrument flight training in Instrument Meteorological Conditions, day and night covering such things as navigational aid tracking, instrument approach and landing, departure and emergency procedures.

The Gold Coast is ideally placed to provide this type of training with two airports having ILS approaches in the local area. There are also airports with VOR, NDB, and GPS non-precision approaches that are all within a short flight time.

The Command Instrument Rating is available in either a single or multi engine aircraft. This rating allows the holder to conduct flights in Instrument Meteorological Conditions. Full time and part time flexible courses are available.

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