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Before you apply, you are advised to carefully read the relevant course information including eligibility criteria and ensure that you have prepared your supporting documents. Documents included with your application may need to be verified as a true and accurate copy and could be requested during the application process.

If you have any questions or problems lodging your application, don't hesitate to contact us. Please allow up to 10 business days for our Admissions Team to review your application and respond. We look forward to having you aboard!

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I am a CITIZEN of AustraliaI am a CITIZEN of New Zealand, hold an SCV and have usually resided in Australia for the last 10 yearsI am a foreign national holder of an Australian Permanent Humanitarian Visa

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4. Background Information

Please note that regardless of background, all pilots are required by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to undertake an Aviation English Test. If you have concerns about this, please contact us for further assistance.

VisionHearingLearningPhysicalMentalAcquired Brain InjuryMedicalOther

5. Education & Employment Details

Not employed – not seeking employmentFull-time employeeEmployed – unpaid worker in a family businessPart-time or casual employeeUnemployed – seeking full-time workSelf-employed – not employing othersUnemployed – seeking part-time workEmployer

To get a jobTo try for a different careerI wanted extra skills for my jobTo develop my existing businessTo get a better job or promotionTo get into another course of studyTo start my own businessIt was a requirement of my jobFor personal interest or self development

6. Aviation Background

7. VET Student Loans

Air Gold Coast is a registered Training Organisation approved for the VET Student Loans system for domestic students. Please confirm below your intention to apply for VET student Loans to support payment of your training tuition fees. Please note that the VET Student Loans system may only be accessed by eligible students and Air Gold Coast in no way proposes or warrants that you may be eligible. Additionally, the number of VET Student Loans places in the course is limited with availability on a first come, first served basis.

I do NOT intend to apply for VET Student Loans at this time.I intend to apply for VET Student Loans and hereby make the following declaration: • I believe myself to be eligible to apply for VET Student Loans; • I have read and understood the Australian Government Department of Education and Training VET Student Loans Information Booklet and related guidance; • I am a genuine student, fully committed to completing the course for which I have applied; • I have read and understood the VET Student Loans information on the Air Gold Coast website including Eligibility, Academic Requirements, Schedule of Courses and Fees, Policies and Procedures and all linked documents; • I have provided, or will provide upon request my valid Unique Student Identifier (USI) and my Tax File Number issued by the Australian Taxation Office; • I believe myself to be academically suitable for the proposed course and agree to supply a copy of my Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (year 12 Certificate) or evidence of successful completion of an Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Certificate IV or higher qualification (where the language of instruction is English) or undertake an approved Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test. (I understand that I must be assessed as competent at Exit Level 3 in the Australian Core Skills Framework in both reading and numeracy to be eligible.); • I understand that if I am under the age of 18, parental consent may be required to continue with the Air Gold Coast and/or VET Student Loan process.

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  • Submission of this application form does not in any way obligate me to proceed with booking the course and I will not be charged a fee for applying;
  • Submission of this application form does not in any way obligate Air Gold Coast to offer me a position in the course;
  • I understand that the Air Gold Coast Admissions Team will contact me within approximately 10 business days, after reviewing my application;
  • I have read and understood the Programme Guide and / or otherwise sought sufficient information to make an informed programme selection and I understand the financial commitment, inclusions and exclusions of my selected programme;
  • I agree to abide by Air Gold Coast rules, regulations and policies and acknowledge that facilities made available for my use will be used only in accordance with proper use and relevant rules;
  • I declare that I have sufficient funds to undertake the programme for which I am applying including the costs of traveling, accommodation and living on the Gold Coast;
  • I acknowledge that use of VET Student Loans to support payment of my selected programme (if relevant) is conditional upon my commitment to fully informing myself about the VET Student Loans system, including but not limited to, reading in full the Air Gold Coast VET Student Loans page, availability of VET Student Loans places in each intake and my eligibility to access VET Student Loans;
  • I understand that by submitting this application, I give my permission for Air Gold Coast, or their representatives, to make contact with me via electronic mail and SMS messages and obtain additional education records (enrolment, assessment, certification) from third parties if required;
  • I understand that Air Gold Coast respects my privacy and I agree to the terms of the Air Gold Coast Privacy Policy;
  • I declare that I am genuinely seeking to becoming a student of Air Gold Coast, to undertake the programme for which I am applying. I have no ulterior motivation for apply for this programme and will use my status as a student for no other purpose;
  • I declare that the information provided in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I accept that I may be refused enrolment if it becomes evident that any information or supporting documentation provided is incomplete or false.

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