Bachelor of Business and Enterprise (Aviation Management) and Commercial Pilot Licence

Start your journey towards becoming a pilot and an aviation management professional with Southern Cross  University and Air Gold Coast.

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In partnership with Southern Cross University, Air Gold Coast offers a Commercial Pilot Licence Flight Training program to students who are enrolled in the Southern Cross University 3007150 Bachelor of Business and Enterprise (Aviation Management) degree program which incorporates the AVI50222 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane) course in their second year of studies at Southern Cross University.

The 3007150 Bachelor of Business and Enterprise (Aviation Management) and AVI50222 Diploma of Aviation Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) is a great course for people seeking to be a pilot and aviation professional. The course provides a broad understanding relating to the aviation industry providing detailed knowledge, attitudes and skills to assist graduates in gaining employment within the aviation industry.

Southern Cross University is the only Australian university situated adjacent to an international airport, which provides the perfect setting for students who want a flying start to their aviation career.

The degree program within Southern Cross University has flexible options to study the 3007150 Bachelor of Business and Enterprise (Aviation Management), CRICOS Code: 102200K alongside Air Gold Coast accredited AVI50222 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane) which is incorporated into the degree program by Southern Cross University.

3007150 Bachelor of Business and Enterprise (Aviation Management) 3 year Program details:

Southern Cross University CRICOS Provider: 102200K

First Year:

Study Bachelor of Business and Enterprise (Aviation Management) at Southern Cross University includes units in:

  •  Starting a business
  • The interconnected world
  • Solving wicked problems
  • Business practice and impact
  • Professional development for the workplace
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • A culture of enquiry
  • A culture of dialogue
Second Year:

Study at Air Gold Coast AVI50222 Diploma of Aviation Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane).

Students undertake their commercial pilot training with Air Gold Coast pilot training centre. Credit granted: 8 units, of a total of 24 (33% of the course).

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Third Year:

Students return to Southern Cross University to complete their studies in:

  • Human factors in aviation
  • Aviation regulation and law
  • Airline operations
  • Transport for sustainability
  • Aviation management
  • Service design thinking
  • Airport management
  • Digital marketing strategies

*Please note: courses, units and fees are subject to change, without notice. For start dates, annual tuition and other fee details view the 3007150 Bachelor of Business and Enterprise (Aviation Management).
Students are required to pay OSHC for the duration of their visa in advance and pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) and indicative non-tuition fees such as textbooks, stationery and sundry costs.

For aspiring commercial pilots, you can incorporate a fully accredited Commercial Pilot’s Licence into your degree. Simply complete Year 2 at Air Gold Coast, complementing Year 1 and 3 at Southern Cross University. 

Summary information for guidance purposes only. Conditions and eligibility criteria apply. Details below.


Course Name: Air Gold Coast Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence-Aeroplane)

Course Code: AVI50222

Course Details: The Commercial Pilot Licence Diploma programme provides beginners with a fully integrated course of both theory and practical aviation training. Students who undertake this integrated training course are eligible to apply for a Commercial Pilot Licence with a reduced minimum total of 160 hours flight time (which includes 70 hours general flight time as Pilot In Command, 20 hours of cross country as Pilot In Command and 10 hours of instrument flight time.

Flight Training Included:

  • 160 hours total flying hours
    • 62.5 hours Dual Cessna
    • 47 hours Solo Cessna 172
    • 27.5 hours Dual Cessna 172 RG
    • 23 hours Solo Cessna 172RG
  • 6.0 hours I-Gate Simulator
  • 106.0 hours briefings
  • Landings and Airways charges
  • Ground School (Aviation Theory)
    • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge/Recreational Pilot Licence (10 days)
    • Commercial Pilot Licence Theory (7 subjects x 5 days each approx.)

Course Outcomes:

All course outcomes are Australian nationally recognised qualifications, registered with and regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Course Duration: 46 weeks Full Time

Training Aircraft: Cessna 152, Cessna 172 and Cessna 172RG

Course Structure:
Phase I: Recreational Pilot Licence (12 weeks)
Phase II: Basic Navigation (PPL) (11 weeks)
Phase III: Advanced Navigation (CPL) (23 weeks)

Enrolment Details:

Entry Criteria

Tuition Fees (International Students)

Estimated Tuition Fee: AU$108,931.00*

Estimated Non-Tuition Fee: AU$4,681.00* Please refer to Air Gold Coast Student Handbook for details.

Total Estimated Tuition Fees: AU$108,931 (International Student Tuition Fee)*

*Fees are subject to change. CASA related fees, textbooks and equipment not included. Full details, terms and conditions provided in writing upon successful application. Expenses related to flying within the program are G.S.T exempt. Second and subsequent attempts for exams and flight tests, remedial ground and flight training are an additional student expense.  They are charged at the CPL course aircraft/ instructor hourly rate

Payment Options:

International students may pay in instalments. Please refer to Air Gold Coast Student Handbook for details.

Bachelor of Business and Enterprise (Aviation Management) with Commercial Pilot’s Licence course