Advanced Training, Renewals, Ratings and Endorsements

Air Gold Coast specialises in refresher and advanced flight training, whether you are outside your 90 day recency, haven’t flown for some years or looking for your biennial Aeroplane Flight Review, Air Gold Coast can tailor a program to suit your needs.

Flight Tests and Renewals are also catered for with our in-house or contracted CASA Approved Testing Officer.

Multi Engine Class Rating in Beechcraft Duchess

The initial multi-engine endorsement introduces single engine pilots to a new environment. The endorsement will allow you to fly multi-engine aircraft which are generally faster and have more advanced systems. The training is done on Air Gold Coast’s Beechcraft -76 Duchess.

Hours Required

8.0 hours dual in BE-76
8.0 hours briefing
TNC and landings
1.5 hour Multi Engine Class Rating Flight Test

Beechcraft 58 Baron Conversion/Hour Building Training

Air Gold Coast Beechcraft 58 Baron is available for Multi Engine Aeroplane Ratings, Difference training for someone who already holds an MEA or for someone who is looking at building Baron hours for experience.

Further Information

For further information, please call us on (+61 7) 5536 2822, visit us at our office address, or send an email to or send your enquiry through our online enquiry form.