Flight Instructor Rating

Start your journey toward becoming a qualified Flight Instructor with Air Gold Coast's ASQA and CASA approved Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instructor).

AVI50419 Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instructor) &
CASA Flight Instructor Rating (FIR)
12 weeks Full Time  | Not available Part Time
Domestic AU$29, 755 | International AU$N/A | Instalments Available
VET Student Loans available to eligible full time domestic students
Course Start Dates: 8 February 2021  | 9 August 2021
Gold Coast Airport, Australia
Australian CPL, ASIC, Class 1 Medical, Spinning Endorsement

Summary information for guidance purposes only. Conditions and eligibility criteria apply. Details below.

Course Details


Air Gold Coast's Flight Instructor Rating course is conducted in accordance with the requirements in CASA Part 61T.

The course commences with an aeronautical knowledge assessment and right hand seat introduction flight (included in tuition fees) followed by a 2 week Flight Instructor Rating theory and the TAE for Aviation module. The Flight Instructor Rating course is based on the FAA Flight Instructor Handbook.

Candidates will then undertake an intensive ten weeks classroom and flying program to develop the skills required to be successful Flight Instructor. Flight training sessions are conducted in a Cessna 172.

Upon successful completion of the course graduates will be issued with a CASA Flight Instructor Rating with a Grade 3 Training Endorsement and AVI50419 Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instructor).



Course Outcomes:

All course outcomes are Australian nationally recognised qualifications registered with and regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

• AVI50419 Diploma of Aviation (Instructor Rating)
• CASA Flight Instructor Rating (FIR)

Course Duration: 12 weeks full time (Part Time not available)

Mode of Delivery: Face to face on-site

Course Intakes:

8 February 2021
9 August 2021

Note: Minimum numbers apply. Course dates subject to change.

Course Structure:

Phase I: Training and Assessment Theory (2 weeks)
Phase II: Flight Instruction Training (10 weeks)

Enrolment Details

Domestic Students

Entry Criteria:

• AVI50215 or AVI50219 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane)  or Australian Commercial Pilots’ Licence (Recognition of Prior Learning will apply)
• Hold a current Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate
• Hold a current Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)
• Spin Flight Activity Endorsement (can be completed during course)
• Successfully pass CASA PMI exam (complete prior to course commencement and after enrolment is confirmed)
• Complete pre-enrolment questionnaire and interview with Air Gold Coast

Tuition Fees:

Estimated Total Tuition Fees*: A$29,755

Estimated Non Tuition Fees*: A$320

Estimated Total Course Cost*: A$30,075

*Fees are subject to change. Training as part of AVI50419 Diploma of Aviation (Flight Instruction) is GST exempt. Full details, terms and conditions provided in writing upon successful application.

Payment Options:

Self funded domestic students may pay at the commencement of each Unit of Study or in 12 equal weekly instalments.

Please click here for a full breakdown of our current Tuition and Non-Tuition Fees.

This course is approved for VET Student Loans (VSL). Australian students may apply to use VSL only if they are eligible and undertake the course full time.

For more information, please visit our VSL Page.

Flight Training Inclusions


• Principles and Methods of Instruction and TAE for Aviation Course
• 30 Hours Dual Flying
• 7.0 Hours Mutual Flying
• 1.5 Hours Flight Test
• 1.5 Hours I-Gate Simulator
• 60 Hours Dual Briefings

• 18 Hours Pre and Post Flight Briefings
• 44 Hours Readback Briefings
• Landing and Airways Charges
• Training and Assessment briefings



Our training fees do NOT include the following items which students will need to provide at their own expense:

• Cost associated with gaining Spin Flight Activity Endorsement

• CASA PMI Exam Fee: Approx $170.00

• Text books: Approx $150.00 (ATC Flight Training Manual and ASA Flight Training Manual)

Note: Second and subsequent attempts for exams and flight tests, remedial ground and flight training are an additional student expense . They are charged at the relevant course aircraft/ instructor hourly rate.

    AVIM0003 Conduct aeronautical knowledge training and flight training

    AVIM0004 Conduct training for the issue of an endorsement 

    AVIM0010  Conduct Flight Review

    AVIM0005 Facilitate non-technical skills instruction

    TAEASS401 Plan assessment activities and processes

    TAEASS402 Assess competence

    TAEASS403 Participate in assessment validation

    TAEASS502  Design and develop assessment tools

    TAEDEL401 Plan organise and deliver group based training

    TAEDEL402 Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace

    TAEDES401 Design and develop learning programs

    TAEDES402 Use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs

    AVIF0027 Implement aviation fatigue risk management processes

    TAELLN411  Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills

    AVIF0029 Implement threat and error management strategies

    AVIF0035  Manage human factors in aviation operations

    BSBCMM401 Make a presentation