Multi Engine (Aeroplane) Instrument Rating

Start your journey toward becoming an instrument rated pilot with Air Gold Coast's ASQA and CASA approved Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating).

AVI50519 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating) &
CASA Multi-engine (Aeroplane) Instrument Rating (MEAIR)
11 weeks Full Time (9 weeks without IREX)| Part Time Available
AU$31,550 (Domestic Student Fee) | Instalments Available
VET Student Loans available to eligible full time domestic students
2021 - 18 January| 22 February (8 February with IREX) |29 March |3 May (April 19 with IREX) |7 June|12 July (28 June with IREX) |16 August |20 September (September 6 with IREX) |25 October |29 November (15 November with IREX)
Gold Coast Airport, Australia
CASA Commercial Pilot Licence, 2 hrs minimum night flying
International students welcome. (Click here for details >>)

Summary information for guidance purposes only. Conditions and eligibility criteria apply. Details below.

Course Details


To qualify for the AVI50519 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating), students are required to have undertaken AVI50215/AVI50219 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilots Licence-Aeroplane). Students with an CASA CPL can also apply but will require a Recognition of Prior Learning for competency in imported units.  This course is of eleven weeks duration and a minimum of 40 hours instrument flight training in Instrument Meteorological Conditions, day and night covering such things as navigational aid tracking, instrument approach and landing, departure and emergency procedures.

The Gold Coast is ideally placed to provide this type of training with two airports having ILS approaches in the local area. There are also airports with VOR, NDB, and GPS non-precision approaches that are all within a short flight time.

The Command Instrument Rating is available in either a single or multi engine aircraft. This rating allows the holder to conduct flights in Instrument Meteorological Conditions. Full time and part time flexible courses are available.


Course Outcomes:

All course outcomes are Australian nationally recognised qualifications registered with and regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

  • AVI50519 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating)
  • CASA Multi Engine (Aeroplane) Instrument Rating (MEAIR)

Course Duration: 11 weeks full time | 9 weeks full time without IREX (Part Time also available. Conditions apply.)

If you have completed IREX prior to starting at Air Gold Coast you can enrol in any intake.  If you wish to undertake our theory course you must enrol in an intake that has an IREX course prior.

2021 Course Intakes:    

Please contact Air Gold Coast for course availability

Training Resources:

  • Elite I-Gate Simulator
  • Beechcraft 76 Duchess

Available Navaids:

  • Non-Directional Beacon (NDB)
  • VHF Omni Directional Radio Range (VOR)
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS) / Localiser (LLZ)
  • Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) or GPS Arrival (DGA)
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)
  • Area Navigation (RNAV)

Enrolment Details

Entry Criteria:

  • AVI50215 or AVI50219 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane) or CASA Commercial Pilot Licence (Recognition of prior learning will be required)
  • Minimum 2hrs with 1hr solo of night flying
  • Eligible for a Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate
  • Eligible for an Aviation Security Idenctification Card (ASIC)

Tuition Fees (Domestic Students):

Estimated Total Tuition Fee*: AU$31,550**

Estimated Non Tuition Fee: Materials – Bob Tait IREX Study Guide, DAPs East and West (or Jepps equivalent), AIP, 4 x ERC Low Charts, 4 x TAC Charts, PCA, ERSA – Approx $500

*Fees are subject to change.

**Baron option available for an additional fee

Please click here for a full breakdown of the Tuition and Non-Tuition Fees

Payment Options:

Self funded domestic students may pay in advance up to $1500 or as each lesson is completed.

This course is approved for VET Student Loans (VSL).

Australian students may apply to use VSL only if they are eligible and undertake the course full time.

For more information, please visit our VSL Page.

International Students:

Please visit the International MEAIR Page for details.

Flight Training Inclusions


  • Group briefings
  • Pre-flight and post-flight briefs
  • 9.0 dual hours for initial Multi Engine Endorsement
  • 21.8 dual instrument flying hours
  • 22.4 hours in simulator
  • IREX theory course
  • IREX exam (first attempt only)
  • Air Services and Landing Fees
  • MEA and IR Test Fees


Our training fees do NOT include the following items which students will need to provide at their own expense:

  • Materials – Bob Tait IREX Study Guide, DAPs East and West (or Jepps equivalent), AIP, 4 x ERC Low Charts, 4 x TAC Charts, PCA, ERSA – Approx $500
  • Class 1 Aviation Medical
  • Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)
  • A laptop or tablet is strongly recommended for this course

Note: As flying is competency based, the hours required depend upon the student’s ability, commitment and flying conditions on the day. The above summary exceeds the minimum hours required by CASA. Air Gold Coast’s flight training syllabus more accurately reflects the required hours to achieve a sound standard. 

Second and subsequent attempts for exams and flight tests, remedial ground and flight training are an additional student expense . They are charged at the relevant course aircraft/ instructor hourly rate.

    AVIF0029 Implement threat and error management strategies

    AVIF0030 Manage safe flight operations

    AVIH0013 Plan a flight under instrument flight rules

    AVIH0014 Navigate aircraft under instrument flight rules

    AVIW0032 Operate and manage aircraft systems

    AVIY0033 Operate aircraft using aircraft flight instrument

    AVIY0044 Conduct a 2D instrument approach

    AVIY0050 Perform instrument arrival and standard arrival route

    AVIY0072 Operate a multi-engine aeroplane

    AVIY0073 Operate aircraft in the traffic pattern at night

    AVIY0045 Conduct a 3D instrument approach

    AVIY0074 Perform non published instrument departure procedures

    AVIY0075 Perform published instrument departure procedures

    AVIY0076 Perform visual circling approach

    AVIY0081 Conduct a 2D global navigation system non-precision instrument approach