Recreational / Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane)

Start your journey toward becoming an pilot with Air Gold Coast's CASA approved Private Pilot Licence course. Part time or full time available.

CASA Recreational Pilot Licence (RPLA) / Private Pilot Licence (PPLA)
RPLA - 10 weeks / PPLA - 18 weeks full time (approx) | Part Time Available
RPLA - from AU$18,000 / RPLA + PPLA - AU$33,000 (estimated)
Start dates are flexible
Gold Coast Airport, Australia
 No aviation experience required
No Student Visa. International students welcome to apply with alternative visa.

Summary information for guidance purposes only. Conditions and eligibility criteria apply. Details below.


The course starts by applying for a Aviation Reference Number, Class 2 Aviation Medical  and an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC). Training then follows the syllabus approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. The first part of the training is in a Cessna 152 or 172 and covers flights in the training area, then the circuit area in preparation for the First Solo Flight. Following this milestone, additional flights in the circuit area and training area are conducted in preparation for the Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) flight test . With the successful completion of this flight test you are able to take passengers for a flight around the local area.

The second part of your Private Pilot Licence training covers navigation and cross country flights in the Cessna 172. Once the theory is completed, flight competencies are achieved and pass the flight test you will be awarded the Private Pilots Licence.

This is your ticket to a new freedom where you can enjoy the privileges of your Private Pilot Licence..



Course Outcomes:

All course outcomes are official Australian Government recognised qualifications registered with and regulated by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

- Recreational Pilot Licence – Aeroplane (RPLA)
- Private Pilot Licence – Aeroplane (PPLA)

Course Duration: 18 weeks full time for packaged RPLA+PPLA (Part Time also available. Conditions apply.)

Course Intakes: Course start dates are flexible, start anytrime!

Training Aircraft: Cessna 152, Cessna 172

Course Structure:

Phase I: Recreational Pilot Licence (10 weeks)
Phase II: Basic Navigation (PPL) (8 weeks)

Enrolment Details

Entry Criteria:

Tuition Fees:

Estimated Tuition Fee*: RPLA only: AU$18,000 (approx) / PPLA total cost including RPLA phase: AU$33,000 approx).
*Fees are subject to change. Please contact us for full details, terms and conditions

Fees are to be paid at the completion of each lesson.

Second and subsequent attempts for exams and flight tests, remedial ground and flight training are an additional student expense .  They are charged at the CPL course aircraft/ instructor hourly rate.

Payment Options:

Self-funded domestic students may pay as each lesson is completed.

Please note that VET Student Loans (VSL) is not available for this course.

Flight Training Inclusions

RPLA Phase:

  • 32 hours total flying hours
    • 25.5 hours Dual Cessna 152
    • 5 hours Solo Cessna 152
    • 1 hour Dual Simulator
    • 31 hours of Long, pre and post-flight Briefings
    • TNC and Landing Fees
    • RPL Theory Examinations
    • 1.5hrs RPL Flight Test
    • RPL CASA Licence Fee

PPLA Phase:

  • 27 hours total flying hours
    • 18.5 hours Dual Cessna 152
    • 5 hours Solo Cessna 152
    • 1 hour Dual Simulator
    • 21.5 hours of Long, pre and post-flight Briefings
    • TNC and Landing Fees
    • Textbooks and Supplies
    • PPL Theory Examinations
    • 3.0hrs PPL Flight Test
    • PPL CASA Licence Fee

Note: As flying is competency based, the hours required depend upon the student’s ability, commitment and flying conditions on the day. The above summary exceeds the minimum hours required by CASA. Air Gold Coast’s flight training syllabus more accurately reflects the required hours to achieve a sound standard. Theory courses for the Private Pilot Licence can also be self-studied, however we recommend participation in our Basic Aeronautical Knowledge and Private Pilot Licence course to reduce course completion time.

    Private Pilot Licence


    Upcoming Programs

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    2021 Private Pilot Licence $33,000.00